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About Us

Reinforced Plastic Industries (RPI) is one of the manufacturers of advanced Composite components for Aerospace, Defense, Spacecraft and Automotive products. We design and manufacture components to military aircraft, helicopters and other platforms. We are an approved supplier to HAL , NAL, ISRO, DRDO LABS & ADA.

In 2001, RPI was formed by CEO, Mr. Pragalathan superannuated from NAL after 30 years of service during his tenure at NAL, and he has accumulated vast experience in the field of composite fabrication technology for aerospace structure. Vast experience under his leadership, the vacuum technology fabrication was perfected for various applications, especially for high end composite Aircraft airframe structure. He was closely associated with all developmental activities of prototype building of HANSA-3 Aircraft. This was designed by NAL culminating in the type certification by Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), New Delhi. He was the Production Manager at NAL for three production series of HANSA-3 Aircraft, which are now operating at the various flying schools in India.

Our industry specializes in the fabrication of intricate glass fiber-reinforced plastics (GFRP) and carbon fiber-reinforced Plastics (CFRP).We undertake major development projects to create innovative composite products and process for our partner companies, using our own development facilities. We ensure that every structural component passing out of its shop floor, shall meet customer requirements and quality standards.


Quality tooling produces quality and interchangeability media parts. Performance Composites has full tooling capabilities to design and manufacture master, mold and fixtures.

Our aerospace engineering background is a resource available to assist in your product development needs. Our facility is fully equipped with the latest in machinery. The expertise we possess in material selection, computer design, and manufacturing processes are utilized to ensure that your requirements are met.

Reinforced Industries fabricates tools, fixtures and molds to build component parts and assemblies for military aircraft. We incorporate information from drawings and loft data to create patterns used to manufacture these molds. Our engineering group is experienced in the fabrication of composite tooling, quality assurance, and inspection as specified per each customer’s requirements.

Composite tooling provides the lightweight, dimensionally accurate, and affordable tooling required by our customers.


Processing of composite constituents is a critical step in delivering high value products and exploring the properties this class of materials can be offered. Reinforced Plastic Industries holds in depth know-how on composite processing on a wide variety of composite manufacturing processes, deriving from the extensive R&D background of its members.

From wet-layup and vacuum bagging to hand-layup and infusion-based technologies is in place with Reinforced Plastic Industries, in cooperation with a network of collaborating research entities, can cover a wide range of composite systems in different application fields.

Using advanced composite materials (many developed in our R&D lab) we design and build composite parts, tools, molds, prototypes, jigs and fixtures. Whether you are building a prototype or airframe, we excel at providing large complex parts and tooling within timeframe without compromising its quality standards.



Wings and empennage

Control surfaces

Fuel tanks


Nacelle covers

Helicopter rotor blades

Landing gears

Helicopter windshields

UAV airframes

Air Intake ducts for manned and unmanned aircraft


Thermal spacers

Wave guides

Camera supporting covers


Acoustic controlled bus (composite)

Solar car shell (CFRP)

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